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Putting communities in charge of the programs that impact their lives. Grantmaking program gears to have communities take ownership of the programs or have them mainstreamed through free market mechanism.
Empowering the next generation of social entrepreneurs through our education programs. The keywords in the fellowship curriculum learn by doing, experience entrepreneurship and engage with communities.
Inspiring a new generation of LEADers who begin by becoming part of the solution. A critical number of such youth who endorse the 'problem solving' mindset are an integral part of the ecosystem.

Building an Ecosystem that Nurtures Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Our Reach

Grantmaking Sandbox Startups. Deshpande Educational Trust LEADers Accelerating Development Agriculture Initiative's

Our Initiatives

Grantmaking Program

Enables catalysts with innovative ideas who have the potential to make lasting and sustainable impact. For more information, please click here.

Inviting Grant Applications

We are accepting Application for Grants to work in our Sandbox in Northwest karnataka! Please get in touch with us for more information at Do visit FAQ to learn about our Partnership program.

Sandbox Startups Incubation

Sandbox Startups helps entrepreneurs to fine-tune and harness their business models to achieve greater scale that may not be possible otherwise click here.

LEADers Accelerating Development

Unleashes the leadership potential among students. The LEAD program provides an opportunity to the students to solve real community issues and hence develop a problem solving mind set. For more information, please click here.

Deshpande Educational Trust

DET Programs: Inspires youths to be the next generation of leaders, managers and social entrepreneurs through diverse educational programs by instilling the necessary skills, critical thinking and aptitude essential for social entrepreneurs. click here.

Agriculture Initiatives

Our Agriculture Initiatives project also gives us the background to promote useful agriculture policies and best practises for the benefit of farmers click here.

Deshpande Foundation Annual Report

Deshpande Foundation Annual Report 2014 - 2015 click here.

In Focus

Applying a 'bottom up' approach to building scalable solutions, the Deshpande Foundation at Hubli Sandbox works to create an effective ecosystem where resources are put to use through entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability. Located in northwest Karnataka in India, the Hubli Sandbox engages with not-for-profits, academics, organizations and entrepreneurs who are involved with the launch of effective and scalable models of development. We seek to empower communities with leadership and skill development programs that prepare urban and rural youth to lead or manage social enterprises. Through such programs, we strive to launch effective, relevant and scalable solutions through the investment of social enterprises. To date, we have reached more than one million families in Northern Karnataka.