"Our patch of land was barren, now we have harvested mangoes
from what we thought was wasteland."
- Munni, Farmer

Grantmaking Approach

We are solution driven in our approach, and instead of focusing on what is to be solved, we build on solutions or interventions proposed by social entrepreneurs to improve the lives of people. Therefore, in our partners we look for the commitment required to make a program successful, a constant eye for achieving a high level of efficiency and resource optimization, and most of all, a demonstrated ability to adapt and respond to the real-time needs of the community. Our partners includes not-for-profits, for profits, organizations, and others. Regardless of the sector, we believe that the work of all entities have an important role to play in making the world a better place. Although we are open to all ideas, we are currently engaged with initiatives that work to increase agricultural productivity, natural resource management, access to quality education, health and livelihoods. We also look to mobilize entrepreneurship among communities, invest in technological innovation and more. Our strategy is to invest in interventions that can be mainstreamed into local communities and reach critical masses. Once an idea or intervention demonstrates success on the ground, the overarching aim is to have other stakeholders such as the state, private investors, individual entrepreneurs or the community itself be interested in adapting the proven idea.

Frequently Asked Questions