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Hydroponics is an advance way of farming which can be practiced even on rooftops as it does not require soil for cultivation of crops. In this way hydroponics opens new way of farming practices which can be of help to grow crops in the most advanced manner.

The word HYDROPONICS has been derived from the Greek word "Hydros" meaning 'Water' and "Ponic" meaning working. Hydroponics is the scientific way of growing plants and crops in water without soil. It is considered as a type of soil- less cultivation in controlled condition/Environment. In this method water is generally enriched with the well balanced formula of the nutrients that are essential for plant growth.

At Deshpande Educational Trust (skilling center) where students and farmers are trained advanced farming practices. They get exposure of next generation farming practices - hydroponics. Started in 2015, more than 300 youth have got training in hydroponics to avail opportunities for becoming an entrepreneur and more than 800 persons have got exposure to knowledge of hydroponics benefits at Deshpande Skilling Centre.

Deshpande Foundation Hydroponics


Deshpande Foundation Hydroponics

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