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Growth through Diversity

Growth through Diversity

Farm Pond

Mahadevappa Shanwada Dharwad
Mahadevappa is a farmer in a small village of Dharwad district. He completed his school education and now farms on four acres of land. His yield is highly dependent on rain and when the rain is insufficient, he only makes enough money to meet his basic family expenses.

Prior to the Farm Pond construction, he used to grow green gram, jowar, wheat and Bengal gram and expected a yield of about two quintals. However, these crops only grew in the rainy season. In 2018, he attended village level meetings conducted by Deshpande Foundation, where he learnt the benefits of having a Farm Pond. Following this, he constructed a Farm Pond. Since this, his yield has increased to six quintals and he is earning Rs. 50,000 per acre. He has also added crop diversity and is now growing onion, green gram, wheat and bengal gram in both seasons.

" The farm pond not only fulfilled my basic financial needs, but I was also able to save money for the future of my family."