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Fostering dreams, Shaping the future

Fostering dreams, Shaping the future


Pradnya Dodamani Bagalkot, Karnataka

Pradnya Dodamani lives with her maternal family, having tragically lost her parents at a very young age. She admits tentatively, “My relationship with my maternal family is not cordial… They don’t see me as a family member. However, I own some of the agricultural yield, and so they took me in.”

While doing her B.Sc., she would worry about her future, compounded by the lack of support and encouragement from her family. Pradnya searched for different ways to become financially independent and kickstart a new life for herself. She explains, “It has been an arduous journey… So much so that my self-confidence became very low. I did not know whom to confide my feelings in or seek career guidance from.”

"I am sure everyone has a different life journey, but my life and the training taught me to never give up on hope for a better life."

Pradnya shares that, like a ray of hope and certainty entering a clouded state of mind, she learned about Deshpande Skilling during her final year through its mobilization team when they visited her college. She recalls, “I was determined to join the program, but before that, I wanted to get all my doubts clarified. My professors and the Deshpande Foundation team were of great help during this period”. Once she had made the decision, the next challenge was to convince her family. With a tone of determination, she shares, “I was assertive about my decision to join Deshpande Skilling, and after several conversations and disagreements, they finally agreed”.

Pradnya then began her journey in the Deshpande Susandhi Fellowship Program. She picked up several skills—English and Communication, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and soft skills such as teamwork, collaboration, problem-solving, etc. She fondly recalls, “The trainers were also friendly. I have learnt many life skills beyond the classroom from them, which have significantly shaped my life. I loved my experience here because everyone is treated equally.”

After completing the program, Pradnya went through the placement process and was placed in an IT MNC in Bangalore as a Transaction Processing Officer Trainee. She elaborates, “I was anxious during the selection process, but the entire placement team motivated and guided me to reach my goal.”

She expresses thoughtfully, “I am sure everyone has a different life journey, but my life and the training taught me to never give up on hope for a better life. We should just keep working hard to find our stepping stones to happiness and success”.